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The perfect bride with a crepe dress, skirt in A with front opening with buttons, body fitted with crepe V neckline pronounced along with sleeves and embroidered tulle back.

Beautiful set of silk pleated chiffon skirt and embroidered tulle top, rounded front neckline, with sleeves, round back, with 8 buttons.

Juvenile silky tulle skirt set with taffeta waistband and short guipure top, boat front neckline, with heart shaped back opening

Beautiful silky tulle skirt dress with wide waist and fancy organza silk flower top. Very appropriate for informal weddings.

Spectacular skirt with wide folds of silk mikado and pockets, combined with a top all embroidered with silver thread. Perfect for a modern and classy bride.

Delicate and simple wedding dress, with flapê flap skirt and crepe body decorated with embroidered flowers and back with semi-transparent gauze central opening.

A dream dress, with the body of rhinestones and the whole transparency back closed with a strip of buttons, the skirt of several layers of tulle, gauze and organza pleated, very bold, light and fresh.

Elegant mermaid wedding dress, embroidered gauze body accentuating the waist with semi-transparent back and button closure, fitted siren crepe skirt with glue.

Mermaid style dress with exclusive tulle embroidered body with skirt and sleeves. The skirt with seams that accentuate the figure of crepe with glue.

Magnificent wedding dress with embroidered lace, front v-neckline and buttons at the back, flared chiffon skirt with embroidery.

Simple wedding dress with crepe body, front boat neckline and spectacular back neckline, adorned with mother-of-pearl rhinestones and flared chiffon skirt. It can be accompanied with a silky tulle tunic with a make-up color.

Long layer of silky tulle with hood and velvet neck strap.

Sensual mermaid cut wedding dress with lace tail and embellishments on shoulders with opening on the right side of the skirt. Accompanied with cape.

Vestido corto con falda de mucho vuelo de capa y escote de suave corazón  de mikado, con flor. Top mangas de gasa bambula de seda.

Vestido de falda de tul suave con cuerpo de encaje y capelina en mangas con adornos florales

Vestido entallado corte sirena, escote en pico y corte en la falda de encaje lencero con una sobre capa semi transparente con aberturas y manga larga.

Vestido semi vaporoso escote corazón con manga larga y transparencia en la espalda de chantilly.

Vestido entallado en linea pura de tul bordado, transparencia en mangas y espalda.

Vestido entallado en linea pura con encaje chantilly con hilo de plata, transparencia en mangas y espalda.

Vestido de escote de suave corazon,  vaporoso de tul plisado y adornos de guipurt

Juvenil falda de tul suave con cintura ancha de mikado, y blusa corta con escote barco de guipurt de flores de algodón sedoso.

Falda de tul de seda con blusa corta de chantilly rosa empolvado.Falda de tul de seda con blusa corta de chantilly rosa empolvado.

Vestido corto, falda con pliegue central, pieza enmarcando el escote de encaje chantilly con hilo de plata.

Vestido con cuerpo drapeado con escote corazón, falda de tul suave.

Precioso vestido de linea pura en crepe de corte sirena, con escote en pico bajo, decorado con cinturón de pedrería, con transparencia en la espalda y  manga larga.

Vestido de autor en linea pura en crêpe y  corte sirena, con escote en pico bajo decorado con adornos bordados con pedrería, escote de  espalda abierta.

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