Francesca Marlop's love story with design and fashion begins as a very small one, as does the story of other great designers. When I was barely a girl I already sewed dresses for her dolls and played organizing fashion shows. Thus began his passion for elegance, almost innate.

It was evident that little Francesca Marlop had a gift. When she finished basic studies and finished secondary studies in administration, she decided to train in technical drawing, pattern making and fashion. He specialized in corsetry, in sewing and climbing and it did not take him long to present his first designs. With only 23 years old I already designed wedding dresses and dressed women for special occasions.

Throughout her career Francesca Marlop has been a design and clothing teacher and was co-founder of the Girona Moda school. In 2004 the designer founded her professional brand with her own label and since then she has not stopped launching collections in two large lines: party and ceremony dresses and wedding dresses.

In her atelier Francesca Marlop, she realizes the dreams of special women who look for a unique dress to be radiant in an important event. Their experience and their hands design personalized pieces, with exquisite fabrics and handmade finishes that turn each creation into a little gem. And from his love story with fashion to the love story of very special brides with a lot of personality who have entrusted him with the most treasured treasure until the day of the wedding: his wedding dress.

The designs of Francesca Marlop have an unmistakable stamp: elegance, femininity, quality and comfort. The finishes and materials chosen by the designer turn their creations into unique pieces that last over time.

FRANCESCA MARLOP it is the elegance of knowing how to choose in its pure state.

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